5. Card replacement due to complaint

Replacement of a non-functioning card that does not show signs of physical damage can only be claimed in the Skoda Palace Customer Centre.

In the case of physical damage (warped, bent...) card is not entitled to a free exchange.

Express Points:

What will you need?

-an Identity document

-a Photo (Colour ID Card size) which you will get back after scanned

-Cash/Credit card (in the case of a recognized card claim, the new card will be issued free of charge)


-only at the in the Škoda palace Customer Centre

What’s next?

-If you have already uploaded the MHD coupon on your card under complaint it will be transferred onto a new card during the exchange

-If you have not purchased any coupon yet, you can buy one at www.pidlitacka.cz, in the DPP e-shop, or newly in the Škoda palace Customer Centre. The option to buy coupons at these DPPs’ Contact Points remains.