About Me

The "Lítačka" card is a transport card, which primarily serves for traveling within Prague Integrated Transport network. In the past, all electronic coupons were physically uploaded directly onto the card. However, since the end of the summer of 2018 there has been a change in the architecture of the check-in system, and the Lítačka Card is now used only as an identifier. All the information on purchased fares is kept by control devices. All vouchers can be purchased at www.pidlitacka.cz, or at any DPP Contact Point or newly at the Lítačka Card Škoda Palace Customer Centre. Apart from using the Lítačka Card as a transport card it can also be used as a reading card in the Prague city Library or as an electric car charging card in the PRE point network. In addition, the Lítačka Card holder is entitled to an extensive discount programme, which can be used in Prague as well as in the Central Bohemia Region.

How do I get the Lítačka Card?

The easiest way to get the Lítačka Card is to create an online application (link) and have your card sent to one of our Contact Points or by post to your home.

It is also possible to get the Lítačka Card while you wait in the Prague Škoda Palace Customer Centre. In the future, the network of Contact Points should be extended also to the Central Bohemian Region.